Nevada Public Schools require a 95% attendance rate..  This means you need to be in school a minimum of 137 school days.  If you must miss school, remember you are responsible to make-up the work you miss.  You get 1 day for each day absent up to three total days to get work completed.

·      If you know you will be absent from school, see the office for an advance work agreement.  Taking this step helps in attendance accountability.

·      The office must be notified when you are absent.  A parent phone call, email or note sent with you will work.  No notification and you are considered unexcused.  The principal determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused.

·       If you are gone on a field trip, you are considered to be in school.  School related activities do not count as a school absence.


Being tardy is part of attendance.  If you are in your classroom, in your seat, and prepared to begin bell work,  you are on time.  If you are just entering or outside your classroom door, you are tardy.  If you are still walking around in the classroom, you are tardy..   If your teacher marks you tardy three (3) times, you will be required to attend Friday School.  8th grade students that are tardy when they return from off-campus lunch will be ineligible for off-campus lunch the following week.