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Subjects Taught
Outdoor Education, Science 7


Greetings.  I have been teaching here in Ely, Nevada for some 24 years now - with the last 17, wow, of them in WPMS' Language Arts department.  I currently teach 6th and 7th grade Language Arts.  I do thoroughly enjoy the challenge and thrill involved in student writing;  you just never know where their brains will take you.  Like so many folks in this locale, I spend my fair share of time in our many mountain ranges.  You will find me coaching soccer, hoops, and track when the school day ends.  Ely is a large one-horse/one-school size of town - 5,000 (I am from Opheim, Montana- pop. 325 back in the day.), so we have a piece of many different types of life pass through our doors on a given day. 


Opheim High School - 1979

Montana State University - Bachelors in Social Justice with a minor in Finance -1984

Eastern Montana College - Bachelors in Elementary Education - 1989

Enjoy.  Mr. Tokerud