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Teacher Nominated as Nevada Teacher of the Year
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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Krystal Smith, has been a WPCSD teacher for ten years.  The fall she was nominated, by Superintendent Dolezal, to compete for Nevada's Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Smith currently teachers 7&8th grade Math & 8th grade Leadership.  She also coaches year-round for the district.  

She has been instrumental in moving the school to using technology as a valuable learning tool and piloted blended learning last year.  Her work in  blended learning  resulted in 3 year's growth in one year on Winter Maps scores.  An amazing feat in and of itself. 

Congratulations WPMS teacher, Krystal Smith on being nominated to compete for Nevada Teacher of the Year.  The results of the competition will be released in December. 

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