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Paula Thomas-Paterno Joins MS Staff from Kuwait
Posted On:
Friday, September 11, 2015

Mrs. Thomas-Paterno is the newest member of the WPMS faculty.  She is teaching Special Education and working primarily with eighth graders.  Mrs. Paterno most recently was teaching at Kuwait University where she has lived with her family for the past six year.  She discovered Ely several years ago and with her family determined this was where they wanted to retire.  In the meantime... 

The unrest in the Middle East convinced her husband to get his family back Stateside.  Mrs. Paterno submitted her credentials to the district and has found the middle school to be a great fit.  Mrs. Paterno has several years of teaching experience in Nevada and Texas.  She is a champion of students, demanding yet kind, and shared that the opening P.D. presented by faculty member, Krystal Smith, was the best she'd attended in 20 years.  

Please say hi to Mrs. Paterno and her son and help us welcome them to our school and community. 

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