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Kenna Hall, Teacher of the Month
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Wednesday, June 02, 2021
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Kenna Hall is an outstanding leader, teacher, and learner. 

As a leader, Ms. Hall coordinates PK-5 professional learning in the literacy realm.  She plans collaboration days, focuses teachers’ attention on successful practices in the Units of Study, and provides meaningful and encouraging feedback to teachers.  The teachers and building leaders she works with trust her because she’s worked hard to develop meaningful relationships with them.  She is positive and uplifting even in challenging times.  And like the Leader in Me advises, she always is looking for ways to create multiple winners.

Ms. Hall has credibility as a leader because she is a tremendous teacher.  Even though her formal role right now is outside of the classroom, Ms. Hall still strives to spend most of her day inside of it!  She models lessons for her colleagues, provides small group instruction for students during and after school as well as on Fridays, and of course utilizes exceptional adult learning techniques when providing instruction to other teachers.  Her credibility comes because other professionals see her not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

Lifelong learning is woven throughout our district vision of changing the world.  Ms. Hall embodies lifelong learning by seeking feedback from others both formally and informally as well as always looking in the mirror first to determine why something might not have worked exactly the way it was supposed to.  Ms. Hall owns her own learning and is constantly looking for resources to assist her in taking the next step towards world class learning.

The WPCSD is blessed to have such a dedicated professional on its staff.