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Cherie Reid, Lions Teacher of the Month March 2020
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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This award nomination is for Lund 3rd,4th, 5th grade teacher, Cherie Reid. Cherie can be described as an influential teacher leader who exemplifies, in the work she does for students and teachers, what it takes to carry out the vision of "changing the world" for the school in which she works and the overall mission of our school district.

Cherie is committed to improving the outcomes of students who are in her class.  Her innovative use of technology in the classroom helps prepare students for the rigors of secondary school and college.  Cherie truly embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement, collaboration and innovation in her classroom.  Cherie is helping students to meet the growing demands of the 21st Century.

At the District level, Cherie is recognized as an exemplary teacher leader. Cherie has opened her classroom to teachers from all over the school district to observe her instruction, and participate in learning to use writing workshops competently in the classroom. As the 5th grade lead, teachers are able to see how Cherie implements new reading and writing curriculum, strong instructional strategies that keep students challenged and engaged, and the routines she has in place to maximize learning opportunities for all students. Beyond this, Cherie sets aside time each month to work with other leaders in the district, participating in the literacy leadership council. Guiding the district in new strategies for literacy to be adopted throughout the district.

Cherie is a champion at the district level. She is a coach, mentor, representative, and model for all teachers. She is a champion at the school level. She is a teacher leader who will give her time for students, families and staff in order to support our vision of "world class instruction." Cherie is a true champion for kids. She is committed to their success and does whatever she can to make sure each of her students leaves her room as a confident, motivated learner. Finally, Cherie is a champion for our school community. Her leadership as a teacher, her dedication to teaching, her passion and love for education only scrape the surface of what she does every day. Cherie is a champion in education and we are proud to acknowledge all of the work she does for kids and teachers in the White Pine County School District.