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Sydnee Locke, Lions Support Staff of the Month February 2020
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020
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The WPHS nominee for Support Staff employee of the month is Sydnee Locke.

Mrs. Locke is the WPHS Support Staff nominee for the month of February. She came to us at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year as an Administrative Assistant. Because she works at the front desk, she is the first staff member visitors interact with when coming to the office. She is always helpful to both students and parents.   

She grew up in San Jose, California most of her life, and has always lived between the beach and mountains. She originally dreamed of becoming a marine biologist or an art teacher. She also loves art and music. 

Mrs. Locke attended a Community College in Northern California and then transferred to Dixie State College in Saint George, Utah. It was there she began working for Wells Fargo, discovering she loves clerical work, structure, and customer service. She moved to Ely in 2011 after meeting her husband. She says, “I visited Ely for the first time, and Justin took me to a WPHS football game. I immediately fell in love with its small town charm, and family dynamic.” 

She says the biggest accomplishment in her life and the status she is most proud of is being a Mom.

Mrs. Locke has expressed that she feels very fortunate to have a job at WPHS that is both challenging and fulfilling.

We are fortunate, as well, to have her as a part of our staff. It is evident she puts all her efforts into learning new procedures and works to streamline existing processes where she can. Even with her many responsibilities she always has time to stop a project to help assist our students and visitors at the front counter. She has a soft spot for students who may need extra attention or assistance and can be seen daily helping them work through challenges.

Thank you, Mrs. Locke, for all you contribute to our school!