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Michelle Hill, October Lions Support Staff of the Month
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Thursday, December 20, 2018
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WPHS would like to thank and recognize Michelle Hill for her contributions to our school, both among students and staff.

An important component of the WPCSD forward-moving journey is a philosophy of collaboration. At its core, collaboration is relational. It is about people and making connections. At WPHS it focuses on developing a sense of community, and establishing shared values and commitments that can unify everyone in the building.

Ms. Hill works in the Special Education department but her influence is far-ranging. Everyone who works with, or even observes Ms. Hill, quickly recognizes that for her others come first. She is quick to recognize when someone needs help, an encouraging word, or a simple ‘hello.’ She has a knack for tuning into what is needed at any given moment, whether with her colleagues, or students, and simply lends a hand.

Perhaps Ms. Hill’s greatest strength is her positive demeanor. She has an uncanny ability to reflect calmness and optimism in most any situation. This quality is contagious and helps further our work of strengthening relationships and encouraging students to push themselves.

Thank you, Ms. Hill, for your influence in our school!