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Principal's Corner

School's Almost Out

In two weeks school will have ended for another year.  With the budget cuts the middle school absorbed last year ( six staff positions), it has been a year of adjustment.  Our teachers have been amazing and I'm sure you join me with deep gratitude for the hours they have spent preparing learning for your child, working with your child, staying after school to tutor your child, spending lunches with your child, coming to Friday schools, chaperoning dances, conferences, coaching sports, attending concerts and more.  The budget cuts placed a heavier load upon those here working with your children and they have done amazing work. 

We've implemented the 1:1 device and every child experienced the Chromebook.  Next year, this will continue with new Chromebooks provided through a grant our school received.  We will be part of the Statewide effort of preparing middle school students for their future, rather than our past.  We are holding several parent workshops this summer to help you become more familiar with how this tool works.  Textbooks are being replaced by the digital tool.  

Did you know we have seen the highest MAPS scores (testing) in several years.  Students are showing more than a year's growth.  This means that our teachers are doing phenomenal work in closing learning gaps for our students, challenging our students and preparing your child for their future.  We ill be sharing this information with you are the parent workshops as you learn about how digital learning is making a difference. 

Finally, thank you for entrusting your child to our school.  We know that they are getting a really good education here and with all the crazyness that they experience in the middle years as their bodies change, their emotions change, their brain continues to develop and an awareness of the social structure changes, they are learning in amazing ways.  Our staff looks forward to working with your child next year and wishes our 8th graders all the success as they become WPHS Bobcats! 

In service, 


Sharyl Allen, Principal